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AKF Technology for Product Managers

Workshop Overview

This 8 hour remote workshop with optional remote sessions is designed for product leaders as well as sales, marketing, finance and other leaders.

Technology principles are core to any great product team, yet unfortunately product managers defer technology decisions to engineers without understanding business tradeoffs. This workshop will give product managers the necessary and right level of technical understanding to make the best decisions with their engineering partners and team members for product growth.  

The course serves as a great way to help grow aspiring executives within the combined product and technology organizations.

Next Offering: Check back for upcoming dates

  • Signup - $1,000.  2 core remote sessions only (4 hours each )

Location: Zoom

Cancellation Policy: Full refund for cancellations within 7 days of booking for bookings more than 1 month before the course start date. After 7 days post booking period, cancellations can be used as a full credit against a future course offering but no refunds are issued.

How is the workshop structured?

This 8 hour remote workshop is delivered in a collaborative session and we keep the session size limited (maximum of 25 attendees) so that each attendee can be an active part of the conversation, share experiences, and ask questions from peers who have been in your shoes. You’ll leave the workshop with principles, frameworks, and examples that you can continuously apply to your team and organization.  The remote workshop is split into 2 sessions of 3.5 to 4 hours each.

Who should attend the workshop?

Our event is designed for current CPOs, Heads of Product, Product Managers and other business leaders who want to improve their ability to cross the chasm between engineering and business leaders.  Many Product Managers are outnumbered by Engineers speaking a different language.  This workshop helps Product Managers translate engineering speak into business terms.  The course also serves as a great way to help grow aspiring executives within the combined product and technology organizations. We help companies build best in class product engineering teams from strategy to discovery to execution.

What topics are covered in the workshop?

The following is a partial list of the topics covered in the core remote portion of the course:

  • History of Technology over the Decades: From mainframes to client/server to web technologies to Machine Learning - how these waves impact your product strategy.
  • Adaptive Product Model: How should technical Product Managers engage with Technology and the rest of the business in a B2B vs B2C market and based on the mix of humans and technology in the product/service offering.
  • Modern Web Development: How webpages and websites operate, front-end vs back-end, mobile web applications, and machine to machine communication.
  • Application Development and Operations Fundamentals: Building distributed applications managed by different teams.
  • Availability and Scalability Concepts: How to achieve 99.99% availability for thousands and even millions of users.
  • Key Roles in Technology: What does a good CTO look like? What does a good architect look like?  What are the essential skills?
  • Organizational Alignment: How do leading companies continue to Innovate? Organization design is a common element.
  • Technical Debt:  What it is, how it emerges and accumulates, and the role of the Product Manager in paying it down.
  • Process Execution: How do you master various types of work from project, product, program, ad-hoc, and emergencies?

Who teaches this workshop?

Workshops are delivered by members of the AKF team - Phillip Seawright, Dave Berardi, and John Jackson. AKF has helped hundreds of companies across 18 countries to achieve their business objectives by aligning the architecture to the product to the market.