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AKF Private Workshop

Workshop Overview

Our private workshop is designed for technology executives, architects and managers responsible for delivering highly available, highly scalable, low cost of development, fast time to market and low cost of operations technical platforms & products. Workshop materials are derived from the CTO Bootcamp workshop and/or the AKF Architect workshop but can be tailored to meet your individual needs and/or audience. The class can be given on your premises or in our classroom and offices in Scottsdale, AZ.

How is the workshop structured?

Your workshop can be set up as either the AKF CTO Workshop, or the AKF Architect Workshop. The course can be delivered “out of the box” or have special modifications (adds/deletes) from the course material. For additional cost, we can also add specific sections you’d like to cover assuming we have approaches relevant to the section!

Who should attend the workshop?

It’s your workshop, so it’s up to you! One email to AKF starts the process.

What are some examples of topics for a private workshop?

  • The CTO Role: A discussion on the diversity of expectations and responsibilities from the 400 companies we have worked with at AKF Partners.
  • The Right People & Roles: Ensuring the right talent is placed in positions for success.
  • Management & Leadership: The skills of a transformational leader and highly effective manager.
  • Conflict & Innovation: A discussion of good and bad conflicts in organizations and how to increase innovation.
  • Multidisciplinary Agile Teams: Building innovative teams with diverse experience and skills.
  • Team Goals & KPIs: Setting goals, metrics, and KPIs for Agile teams to ensure success.
  • The Experiential Chasm: The widening gap between business leaders and technology leaders and how to close it.
  • Service Delivery Mindset: The most successful technology organizations are structured with a service oriented mindset and we will discuss how to transform your organization and mindset.
  • AKF Risk Model: Our viewpoint of risk and how to manage it successfully in your architecture, people, and processes.
  • Highly Scalable Architectures: An in-depth look at creating highly scalable and available architectures
  • AKF Scale Cube: Our approach to designing highly scalable architectures.
  • Creating Fault Isolation: The importance of isolation for availability and time to market.
  • Architecture Principles: An in-depth look at the top architecture principles and how to apply them.
  • Processes for a Learning Organization: The most effective processes to put in place to create a successful learning organization.

Who teaches this workshop?

Your workshop, your choice! Choose from the AKF team of experienced industry veterans!