GROWTH BLOG: Why story points and velocity really matter
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The best technology newsletter for architectural advice. Keep up to date with all of AKF's proprietary architecture models including the Scale Cube, Session-State Cube, Multi-tenant Cube, etc. Stay abreast of the AKF microservice patterns and anti-patterns to achieve high availability and extreme scalability. Receive our most recent architecture principles and advice on how to pay down technical debt without starving your business of new product innovation.

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Receive AKF Primary and meta-level Research including research on Product Contagion, the effectiveness of Agile Methods, Durable Cross Functional Product Teams, and much more. Our research articles give you the benefit of AKF's proprietary research without having to pay for an engagement with AKF, and keep you abreast of trends within the industry across multiple veins of research.

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Interested in AKF's view of the health of the colocation industry? Want to understand the AKF view on the difference between product and engineering teams? Concerned about where programming languages are going and their effect on the level of talent and the accessibility to engineers throughout the industry? Our opinion and editorial articles evaluate current trends and predict outcomes based on our combined years of experience and what we see across our customer base.

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